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Wholesale and Retail Sector is one of the six (6) economic areas introduced in the National Co-operative Policy (DKN 2011-2020). It is seen as one of the sectors that can provide returns to the cooperative sector's revenue of RM50 billion by 2020. Accordingly, the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI was established to realise the aims of DKN in generating the economy and income of the co-operatives sector through involvement in wholesaling and retailing as well as helping the government stabilise the prices of essential goods and special supplies in small towns and rural areas.


In line with the vision of MCI to become a world class co-operative institution, the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI is always progressive in offering courses oriented to the current needs and requirements as well as being practical under this field such as :

  1. To provide exposure to co-operatives on wholesale and retail business.
  2. To identify the type of wholesale and retail business they undertake.
  3. To apply the knowledge acquired in the wholesale and retail business in co-operatives.
  4. To strengthen wholesale and retail activities carried out by co-operatives.

The main role of the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI is to train and guide Co-operative Board Members (ALK), co-operative workforce, officers supervising co-operatives or individuals interested in the field of wholesale and retail. In formulating useful courses, the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI is always proactive and open to issues and current developments in its teaching and learning sessions in order to be in line with today’s era of globalisation.

In addition, the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI also gives consultation services to co-operatives that carry out business activities under this area such as supermarkets, retail stores, laundry, gas stations, and franchises.

The Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI is also involved in tailor-made courses or knowledge-based activities together with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK), Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission (SKM), ANGKASA or government agencies and ministries under the same area. Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) is an example of an agency that has entered into a memorandum of understanding with MCI through the Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI in providing exposure for the franchise business system to ensure continuity of co-operative products in the market in a systematic and professional manner.

The Wholesale and Retail Sector of MCI also produces writings related to research, case studies, journals and others to be adopted in the simulation model thus improving competency and professionalism among academic staff as well as co-operatives as a guide in managing co-operatives more efficiently.

Contact Us:

For any enquiries please contact the information as below:

Wholesale and Retail Sector
Cooperative College of Malaysia ,
103, Jalan Templer,
46700 Petaling Jaya,

  03-7964 9066     03-7954 3957
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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