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  • Ensuring the governance of CIM is  effectively implemented to strengthen the human capital.
  • Suggests the improvement, increase and renewal of policies / directives / systems and procedures in CIM.
  • Monitoring the service delivery system (MS ISO 9001/2008).
  • Become the Secretariat and provide reports to the Committee on Integrity and Governance.

Integrity Reinforcement

  • Ensuring the implementation and institutional values of integrity in CIM such as through the exposure and early information in order to reduce the cases of misconduct.
  • Synchronizing and monitoring the integrity programme.
  • Implementing recovery programme of integrity.
  • Producing articles related to integrity programme.
  • Advising management in terms of integrity.

Complaints Management

  • Receive information or complaints about non-compliance or diverging action from CIM staff.
  • Report if there is any breach of integrity.
  • Receive, review, distribute and report any complaints to the service delivery of effectiveness of CIM.


  • Ensures the compliance with the rules and standards that have been set and also to identify the weaknesses in the existing policies and regulations.
  • Organize a scheduled and unscheduled inspections of the practices, systems or policies, laws and regulations in force.
  • Ensuring the compliance with the instructions / regulations of CIM.

Tracking and Confirmation

  • Detect and verify the complaints of misconduct and violations of integrity. While the misconduct of a criminal nature should be reported to the responsible law enforcement agencies.


  • Become the Secretariat and present the results of investigations / findings to the Disciplinary Board for further action.
  • Synchronizing action on breaches of integrity.
  • Implementing measures for breaches of integrity.


  • Organizations of Communication Officer to the Corporate Integrity Development Center (CIDC).
  • Provides a reports related on integrity to CIDC,KPDNKK and JPA.
  • Control the quality records of CIM (EN ISO 9001/2008).
  • Checking on claims for overtime allowance.
  • Managing the Medal awards / Star / Honors for CIM staff.

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