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Malaysian Techical Cooperation Programme (MTCP)Off-Campus CourseIn-Campus CourseCompulsory CourseLong-Term Courses ProgamConsultation and ResearchPayment of CoursesHostel Facilities at CIM

What are the age requirement to attend the Malaysian Techical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) organized by CIM

The age requirement is between 26 to 45 years old.

What is the minimum qualification required to attend the Malaysian Techical Cooperation Programme (MTCP)?

The minimum qualification are as below:

  • Able to converse and write well in English,
  • Acquiring the necessary experiences in the cooperatives sector.
  • Have not attend any Malaysian Techical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) courses in Malaysia before.

What are the course fields offered by CIM for Malaysian Techical Cooperation Programme (MTCP)?

The course fields offered are as follow:

  • Certificate in Co-operative Auditing
  • Certificate in Co-operative Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Co-operative Dekstop Publishing
  • Certificate in Co-operative Povery Reduction
  • Certificate in Co-operative Financial Management

Can a participant from the Eastern Zone attend an Off-Campus Course at Southern Zone?

The participant can attend the course at the southern zone. However, the CIM authority will not provide payment for travelling allowances for the said participant.

Will CIM provide accommodation facilities to the participants of Off-Campus Course?

Depending on the situation, current state and change from time to time. Currently CIM do not provide accommodation for the participants.

Can CIM provides special course for interested cooperative?

They can write an application letter to the Director of CIM. CIM will sponsor the teaching workforce effort while other expenses incurred by the cooperative.

How much is the fee charged to attend the Off-Campus Course?

No charges at all will be levied to attend the off-campus course compulsory courses category. For example, courses in other courses Results Areas (Keberhasilan Utama); the payment rate is applied depending on the course.

Can Cooperatives collaborate effort to conduct and external course?

Cooperatives can collaborate to together to conduct an external course (Joint Organisation of Programme with the MKM or other agencies).

What is the minimum number of participants required for Off-Campus Course to be conducted?

The minimum number of participants is about 30 participants.

What are the procedures for attending such courses at CIM ?

All applications for the courses must made through forms which must be certified by the respective Cooperatives, In case of a government servant, the person must acquire permission from the head of the department, If a participant has been to the CIM he/she can fill in the forms online at this website CIM Offcial Portal.

Can the children of Cooperatives members apply for the courses at CIM?

Courses allocated by the CIM are provided free of any charges and therefore are restricted to members of the cooperatives only. If the children of the cooperatives members are themselves members of the cooperatives, they are qualified to apply for the free courses at the CIM, Non-members of cooperatives will be charge for the courses.

Will Cooperatives members who are civil servants apply for non-recorded leaves?

Civil servants are qualified to apply for non-recorded leaves to attend courses at the MKM in line with the General Orders of chapter C.

If a participants who has registered is not able to attend, can a replacement be made with another person?

It is allowed but on condition that a letter is forwarded from the cooperatives to the MKM and by stating the officer who will be replacing the one who is not able to attend the course.

Can the CIM provide more courses relating to the members understanding to teachers?

CIM also provides courses to teachers and cooperatives can write beforehand prior to inviting CIM personnel to give talks.

Are participation courses for 'Walk In' is justified?

Can not. In accordance with the Quality Manual ISO 9001: 2015, course applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the course starts. Participants are asked to bring courses offer letters during the registration.

No faqs found in this category.
No faqs found in this category.

Do the consultative services in CIM come with charges?

The registration fee for advisory and consultancy of CIM is RM50 for each application. These will be charged according to the situation and the type of cooperative problem. For cooperatives which are interested, they can submit their application forms to CIM.

In what fields are the consultative services provided at the CIM?

These fields include the administration, management, financial, information technology and cooperatives businesses fields.

Are the Consultative services being provided by CIM in the hands-on aspects directly to the cooperatives concerned?

The consultative services conducted by CIM are according to the requirements and requests. The officers involved can conduct these consultative services at CIM and also at the cooperatives' respective premises.

Will the result of the researches conducted by the CIM be published and distributed to the cooperatives?

The research publications will not be distributed to cooperatives, but the results from the researches which have been conducted will be published and distributed to cooperatives through journals and monographs.

Where can we obtained the materials for CIM research publications for the cooperative reference?

The cooperative can get the materials at research publications in library of CIM. In addition, materials such as journals and monographs can be purchased in cash at the Center for Research and Consultation (CRC) or Coopmart CIM.

How to get information on research, publications, advisory and consultation of CIM?

For more information on the CIM research, you may contact:

Research and Consultancy Center Officer (CRC)
Cooperative Institute of Malaysia,
103 Jalan Templer,
46700 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-79649000
E-mel: crc[at]
Facebook: Pusat Penyelidikan dan Konsultasi IKM

How much is the registration fee rate for courses at CIM ?

The fees for registration / study is as follows :

Compulsory Courses No fee is charged
Online Compulsory Courses (VLMS) RM50 (per registration)
Management and Technical Courses RM30
Result Areas courses RM50 – RM400
Knowledge Talk No fee is charged
Professional Talk, Seminar & Convention RM50 – RM200

If participants attend the Management & Technical Courses - Information Technology (IT) area / an additional fee of RM20 will be charged to participants.

Is it possible for the CIM courses studying fees (RM25) be abolished?

No. The registration fee of RM 25.00 acts as a commitment on behalf of the participants to attend the courses at the CIM.

Is the Registration Fee is returned if the participants are not selected?

  • If participants are not selected by the CCM, the registration fee will be refunded.
  • If the participants are selected but absent during the course, the registration fee will not be returned unless the participant informs the CCM in advance.

Will CIM authority accept the payments of fees by way of a single cheque for more than a single course?

Yes, the CIM authority will accept payments of the fees for more than a single course by way a single cheque.

Can participants change courses where as the payment of fees by means of cheques have been made for different courses?

Participants can change the course even the payment is made for another courses.

Is it possible to leased the available facilities at CIM?

The hostel facilities at the CIM can be leased to outside tenants based on the availability with rates of payment which have been stipulated. Application can submit their application letters to the Manager of the Domestic Services Unit regarding the rates and dates of the particular leases.

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