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  1. Plan and implement a media plan on publicity, promotions and campaigns for each policy, roles, programmes and activities also an official functions of CIM through TV and radio stations; promotional materials such as buntings, banners, and billboards; articles for the newspaper clipping; speech text; and information program service delivery of CIM.
  2. Managing the public relations and media planning strategy with the media in disseminating information through the media / press conference, press releases and special TV interview / radio / newspaper; and programs with the media. 
  3. Promote participation, increase the appreciation and understanding of the policies and programs of CIM to users.
  4. Plan, manage and make a documentation of the information for each base material, roles, programs and activities also the official functions of CIM through the issuance of printed materials such as newsletters, annual reports, brochures, flyers, photo and video recording for the purpose of distribution and reference of the public and the media.
  5. Organizing a press conference CIM offcial programs which involves the Minister and Deputy Minister.
  6. Monitor, coordinate and respond to comments, criticisms and complaints from various parties received through mass media and social media.
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